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As I stand on the cusp of 2 major life events — I am turning 40 and I am leaving Infosys after a long stint of 18 years — I cannot remove the tremendous fear (and excitement) that is present in my gut right now!

I remember myself being an unconcerned and irresponsible college student.. one who had no campus placement and no clarity on what I want do in my life as a Electronics Engineer. From there to becoming a successful technical architect who has overseen many large projects, its been a journey beyond my wildest dreams! …

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As I use more and more Angular libraries, my need for tweaking the out-of-the-box behavior of the library components has also been growing. Today, I took on the challenge of doing one such morphing where I attempted to change the behavior of a 3rd party Angular component to suit my needs.

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a completely different butterfly — you can transform behavior of existing 3rd party Angular component completely!

The Need

Ionic 3 (which is…

Over the last year, I have helped my team develop and deliver many Angular applications into production. This included Desktop web, RWD, Hybrid, etc. Over this period, I started feeling the need to have a ready starter kit for the teams — which include more enterprisy features. Angular CLI is a great starter kit to get Angular app setup. It gives you the foundation piece but that’s pretty much where it leaves ya! So I decided to build a enterprise ready seed app for Angular using Angular-CLI as foundation.

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Every project has possibility to see success, if it had some…

If you are trying to create a modern performant web application.. then chances are high that you are using Webpack Directly or indirectly!

Are you using CRA (create-react-app) for React? Are you using Angular-CLI for starting your angular app? Are you using Vue-cli to initialize your Vue applications?

If your answers are YES to any of the question above — then you are using webpack in the background!

webpack follows its parsing logic and generates bundles. The process of bundling is very flexible to accommodate variety of js files and bundle formats like cjs, ES modules, amd, umd, etc. However…

You know, being in programming job means — once in a while — you come across a bug — what I call a Mirage Bug. And solving such bugs is actually one of the joys of programming troubleshooting — the interesting journey of striking out all the false positives and zeroing in on the real culprit.

The mirage… by Michael

I had the luck of coming across and solving one such mirage bug today.. So I thought I will share the journey with you as well.

Today, one of my team members reached out to me saying that their application — which uses PrimeNg…

Best Practices for developing with Angular Framework

Back in Sept 2016, just when Angular team bit the bullet and released Angular2 Final, I was able to convince my customer to use Angular2 for it’s one of bigger applications.

As some of you might recall, Angular2 went through an unusually long Alpha, Beta and RC stages. It seemed as if the entire Angular2 was re-written since the first Alpha release. So at the time of 2.0 final release, the entire Angular scene was very chaotic. There were hardly any good tutorials or resources which were working with 2.0.0.Final release.

I also did not have AngularJS(1.x) background. I had…

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